Monday, October 13, 2014

25 Days to a Happier Home

Recently, I was browsing on one of the groups that I am a member of on Facebook and I came across this book. Here is the description of it from Amazon:

"If you asked the average mom what are the top five things she desired to have in this life, most of them would say, "A happy home." Many times we think that happy homes only exist in sitcoms or in fairy tales. This is simply not true. You can have a happy home, but it takes hard work, time, and sacrifice. This 25-day challenge will help you create a happy home for your family. Is your family worth taking the challenge? You bet! 

Alison Wood, the owner of the popular parenting blog Pint-sized Treasures, takes you through each day with honest, mom-to-mom and wife-to-wife advice. By her candid yet caring demeanor she offers these heart-searching challenges to help your home. She shares her own struggles and encourages you in every challenge to keep pressing forward. 

If you truly desire a happy home, it is worth your time to give these 25 Days a chance. Your home will forever be changed- for the better!" 

Oh how true this is in my own life. Sometimes it seems like the trials of life get in the way and bring us and our families down...but it doesn't have to be that way! I plan to read this book and put this into effect in my own family. I challenge you to do the same.

Get the book here:

25 Days to a Happier Home

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