Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dare to be Different....

I found this picture on Facebook this morning. It is attributed to www.biblestudytools.com. This pretty much goes along with everything I heard over the weekend of my Cursillo and everything God is continuing to tell me. 

See, in today's society, we have an "everyone's doing it, so I should too" attitude. However, this isn't true!! First of all, everyone is NOT doing it, even if it seems that way. Secondly, you don't have to be like "everyone" else. 

God created us in HIS image and likeness. He did not create us to be the same and to act as the world acts. Look around you- notice that God created each and every one of us differently- all the way down to our fingerprints! Take a look at nature- there are different species of animals, but within each species, they're all basically the same- they look the same. 

Take pride in your uniqueness. Don't try to fit in with the crowd. Dare to be different- dare to stand out. Be who God created you to be! 

With Love, 


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