Tuesday, January 20, 2015

SurpriseMyPet.com and ComfortableBoxers.com

Hello friends!! Recently, I heard about a couple of new sites that will be launching in June 2015 and guess what!? YOU have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor and earn prizes!! You also have the chance to help me earn prizes- so even if you can't really use either of these, please still sign up so that I can get my numbers up.

The recruitment on both of these sites ends on January 31, 2015.


First, there's SurpriseMyPet. This site features toys, treats, and more for pets. Right now, they are limited to just dogs- but they'll be adding more pets as they grow. Here's what you'll get:

Recruit 5 friends and get one FREE premium dog treat.
Recruit 10 friends and get a FREE premium dog bone and toy.
Recruit 20 friends and get your first month's box for FREE with 2-3 treats, toys, and other dog supplies.
Recruit 40 friends and get THREE monthly boxes for FREE with 2-3 treats, toys, and other dog supplies.

What do you have to lose? It's absolutely FREE to sign up!! Simply click the link below to sign up and then start sharing with your friends!!


Please click the link and sign up even if you don't have a pet. You don't have to share your link- or you can share your link and then share your rewards with others! I have a cute little Chiweenie that would really LOVE you for helping!!


Second, there's ComfortableBoxers. This site features comfortable men's boxer briefs. Here's what you'll get:

Recruit 5 friends and get a $5 off coupon.
Recruit 10 friends and get 1 FREE pair of men's boxer briefs.
Recruit 25 friends and get 3 FREE pairs of men's boxer briefs.
Recruit 50 friends and get 7 FREE pairs of men's boxer briefs.

Once again, you seriously have NOTHING to lose and you're under ZERO obligation. Simply click the link below and enter your email address. You'll be given a personalized link to share with your friends and family.


If you don't need boxer briefs, you don't have to recruit friends and family. Or- you could always reap rewards and share them with others. Please consider helping me to get free boxer briefs- my husband will thank you for it!

With Love,



  1. Neat concept. Both my dog & my husband passed last year, so no need for either. It's just girls & cats in the house now.

  2. MomFoodie- I am so sorry for your loss! SurpriseMyPet will be adding more pets later on- I'm not sure of their timeline, but I think I did hear that cats will be next. You might want to get on the list so you can be notified. :)

  3. I am far more interested in the Suprise My Pet than the boxers. I do have a husband but yeah, he wouldn't care for that too much either. But the dogs?! They love surprises.

  4. Athena- go ahead and sign up! I'm pretty excited about both of them. My hubby wears boxer briefs and FREE is always good! :) My doggy loves surprises too! What kind of dogs do you have?

  5. So sorry for your loss Mom Foodie :-( We don't have pets and I'm not sure my hubby would be into this, not a boxer wearer. Sorry, but both good ideas.

  6. I'll have to tell my husband about the comfortable boxers website, he requested boxers for Christmas, maybe he still needs some.

  7. Both these websites looks great & I love their concept as well. I will suggest SurpriseMyPet for my friends who has pets & ComfortableBoxers for my husband. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I should check out the comfortable boxers website. I have a heard time finding boxers that my husband likes.

  9. I like the Surprise My Pet program...and I bet my St Bernard would LOVE it!

  10. I don't have pet, but I love pets. Hope in the future I will keep a Rottweiler, because I love this breed. Thank you for sharing such a nice idea.

  11. Surprisemypet sounds very interesting.. pets should be treated with surprises too ;)

  12. These sound like some awesome sites! Thank you for sharing!

  13. This sounds great. I like reward schemes like this.

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