Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Lilla Rose Flexi Clips Review

I received a sample hair clip from my Lilla Rose rep, Laurie Martin for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own. 

Have you ever been putting your hair in a ponytail, only to have the band snap? Or have you ever just wanted to have a little bling in your hair for that party you've just been invited to? Why not try Lilla Rose? No matter what your personality- whether you like a lot of sparkle or just a little, you're sure to find something that you will fall in LOVE with! (I know I have!)

I just want to start by saying that Lilla Rose Flexi Clips are absolutely amazing! Let me just tell you about my's very long, and super soft/baby fine, but there's a TON of it. I keep it up most of the time because it just gets in the way- and it's so heavy, I always get so hot! 

Regular claw clips don't always work because they're slippery- they will hold for a while and then they'll slowly start working their way out of my hair and before long, I am having to readjust it. I try to use regular ponytail holders, but because my hair is so thick, I can only wrap those twice, which isn't tight enough. When I try to wrap a third time, a ponytail holder will snap. <SIGH>

When Laurie first asked if I was interested in trying Lilla Rose Flexi Clips, I was a bit skeptical. I had been looking at the clips and reading up on them, but I honestly thought, "I bet it won't hold in my hair- NOTHING works with this mess!" I'm honestly glad I decided to give these little clips a chance! They are PERFECT for my hair! For ponytails and other basic 'dos, I use a small. The one pictured here is a medium- in a messy French Twist type of 'do. 

I am happy to say that these clips hold my hair all day through all that I do- whether I'm sitting at the computer working or I'm chasing little ones around, or if I'm out and about. I don't have to worry about readjusting every few hours to make sure it's still secure- it just stays put right where it is! It's so wonderful to FINALLY have a hair clip that works with my hair! 

I also got a set of the Bobby Pins in the Dragonflies (because I love Dragonflies and Butterflies!)- and they are so darling! They work great if I want to wear my hair down, but keep it pinned back away from my face. 

If you're interested in trying out Lilla Rose Flexi Clips or any of the other Lilla Rose Accessories, please visit my rep, Laurie Martin at her site: 

Lilla Rose offers a wide variety of hair accessories: 

Flexi Clips
Hair Sticks
Hair Bands
Badge Clips 
and more! 

Please visit Laurie's site for more information and to purchase Lilla Rose Flexi Clips and more! 

Please comment below any questions/comments/concerns you have about these products and I'll pass them on to Laurie! 

Also, please comment below to tell me what your biggest problem is when it comes to hair styling? You know that mine is the fact that my ponytail holders always snap on me! 

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  1. What an awesome and informative post!!! I love how it looks in your beautiful hair!