Monday, November 3, 2014

Live Life by the EASY GO principle

Last Thursday night (10/30/14), I attended an event at my Church called "Our World Needs Catholic Heroes: Live Your Faith Like You Live Your Sport." The speakers at this event were: Tom Peterson, President and Founder of Catholics Come Home and Coach Joey Jones, Head Football Coach at South Alabama.

Coach Joey Jones had some pretty profound words that really touched my heart and I felt God was calling me to share them with you. So, with his permission, I am sharing his EASY GO principle, along with how God spoke to my heart through each one.

E- Effort- We're told that we should give 100%, but it's quite difficult to give 100% all the time to everything. However, it's important that we put forth as much effort as possible in all that we do. As wives and/or mothers, it can be exhausting giving all of ourselves all the time- but God has called us to give our best.

A- Attitude- Most of what we achieve is due to our attitude. Have a great attitude in all that you do- trust me, people are watching you. You probably already know it, but your husband and your children feed off of you- it's true what they say- "If mama ain't happy, ain't NOBODY happy." So, let's make sure that the attitudes we project are positive- even if you're boiling inside. I completely understand, it's much easier said than done- but it's at least worth the effort.

S-System- You should know the system and be an expert at what you do. God made you and gave you the abilities you have. I know that God called me to write this blog. I had been thinking about it, but nothing was working out- no matter where I turned. After my Cursillo weekend, it all fell into place- I woke up with a title and a mission. I'm still learning the system.....

Y- You- Know where you fit in to the system. Understand that God has you where you are for a reason- you may not know the exact details of that reason, but know that He does and He will use you for His glory and honor.

G- God- Make God a priority in your life each and every day. My husband and I take some time every night before we go to sleep to read a devotional passage, the Psalm from the daily Mass, and now that we have both been to a Cursillo, we say the night prayers together.

O- Opportunity- Seize the opportunity to reach out to someone while you still have the chance. If God is telling you to do something- just do it.

With Love,



  1. I really like Y. God does have us where He wants us for HIS purposes, doesn't He? :)
    If you're interested, I host a weekly inspirational linkup. Would love to you share this post there, if you'd like :) (Inspired By Me Mondays)

  2. Rachael- I would love to share this post there! How do I do that? I'm still new to all of this..... :)


  3. Love this post, ties into the one you commented on very well :) I think it's so true - we CAN'T give 100% all the time, but God CAN make the impossible possible within us :) He's just that awesome.

  4. Hi Krista!

    Nice to meet you! Glad I found this post today. God certainly does bless our efforts. I keep re-reading these tidbits to let them sink in. Thanks for sharing these.