Wednesday, June 24, 2015

"Flash: The Homeless Donkey Who Taught Me About Life, Faith, and Second Chances" Review

As a member of the Tyndale Blog Network, I received a copy of "Flash: The Homeless Donkey Who Taught Me About Life, Faith, and Second Chances" for the purposes of this review. Following is my honest review of this book.

Have you ever felt like you were at the end of your rope? When it seems like everything that CAN go wrong HAS? That's where Rachel Anne Ridge was. The economy had crashed, bringing down her once thriving business. She was worried what the future would hold for her and her family. She worried that they would not be able to pay their bills. She prayed for God to send along a sign that He was listening and that everything would be okay.

Enter Flash the donkey. When everything is going wrong in your life, the LAST thing you want to do is find a lost donkey just hanging out in your yard, right? Even the town sheriff said he was "worthless." However, Rachel and her family had to disagree- so they took him in.

Flash the donkey touches their family in a deep way- helping them to break down the barriers that divide and learn to love and trust again. Flash gives the Ridge family the strength they need to carry on during their darkest times.

This book really touched me. I love that one of the simplest and humblest of creatures- a donkey- was one of the greatest blessings this family needed. This is definitely a story that I won't forget for a very long time. I highly recommend that you pick up this book today!!

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