Saturday, June 6, 2015

"If I Plug My Ears, God Can’t Tell Me What to Do" by Jesse Clemence Review

As a member of the Family Christian group of bloggers, I was blessed to receive a copy of “If I Plug My Ears, God Can't Tell Me What to Do" by Jesse Clemence. This is my review of that book. All opinions are my own. 

Okay, so think back to when you were a child and someone was telling you something you didn’t want to hear. If you’re like most children I know, you stuck your fingers in your ears- or started singing/shouting- and saying “I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” Am I right? I know that I definitely did that. I’ve even been guilty of doing it to God. When I feel God telling me something that I don’t want to hear or leading me to do things I don’t want to do, I’ve said “I can’t hear you!”

Perhaps this is because, looking back on history, I see where God called people to do things that required courage. He called people to do things that they were not qualified to do. He caused people to grow and learn and sometimes that growth and those lessons caused pain. However, one thing that I keep hearing is that God doesn’t call the qualified but He qualifies the called.

Now, when I think about my life and I think about the times where I have said “I can’t hear you!,” I must consider the adventures and the amazing things that I have missed out on. Sure, may have been tough, but God would have given me just what I needed and I would have been so blessed.

“If I Plug My Ears, God Can’t Tell Me What to Do” by Jesse Clemence offers frank and funny encouragement for those who have struggled with the call of God and stepping out in obedience and faith. When you have finished this book, you will be able to say, “With God, I can do anything. He wouldn’t call me to do this if He wasn’t going to give me the tools I need to do it.”

So, if you’ve ever struggled with obeying God in what He’s asking you to do, please pick this book up today- you’ll be so glad you did! 

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