Friday, December 26, 2014

The Monster on Top of The Bed Books Review Preview

I am so excited to bring to you "The Monster on Top of The Bed" family of books. There's "The Monster on Top of my Bed" story by Alan H. Jordan, and "My Monster on to of the Bed", which is a "Creativity Stimulator." This version is the pictures from the story, and your child can write his/her own story! I have received the "Creativity Stimulator" and the CD version that I will be sharing with my sweet bonus son, Nathan. I will be sharing our experience in a later blog post.

Keep reading for more information about the book, "The Monster on Top of The Bed"

The story starts out with a young girl, Suzy hearing noises coming from under her bed. It's monster- but a child-monster who is just as scared of her as she is of him. After all, his name is Karrit and she EATS "Carrots"! Also, Karrit has heard that Suzy likes to eat "hot dogs" and even "cakes that are made from pans"!

The story is one that teaches children that things are not always what they seem and that sometimes words or actions can sometimes be misinterpreted. Though the words "The Golden Rule" are never mentioned, both children treat each other the way that they wish to be treated.

Both children learn to use Grandmom's mantra to get rid of their fears: "You're welcome to stay until I say, 'Nay!' Then it's time to go and you can't say no."

This truly is a wonderfully empowering bedtime story and the multimedia version comes with a link to an .mp4 file which has the same audio tracks that the CD version has. Your child will be able to listen to the story read in three different languages: English, Spanish, and Italian. There will be a sound that will indicate when your child should turn the page. There are some differences between the Kindle version and the audio version- which kids love!

This story is great for kids of all ages- whether they're three or twelve (sometimes even 12 year olds are afraid of monsters!). The older children will find the story charming and will enjoy the special bonding time with their younger siblings! I have received the "Creativity Stimulator" and the CD version of this sweet story from the Author, Alan H. Jordan.

I will be sharing my experiences in a later post when my sweet bonus son comes to visit. I just KNOW that he's going to love it!!

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