Saturday, November 8, 2014

Month of Thankfulnless: Day #8

My puppy, Bella Rose, with one of her rawhide bones (she demolishes it in less than 24 hours!) 
Today is November 8, 2014 and that means it is Day #8 in the Month of Thankfulness Challenge!

8) Today, I want to say that I am thankful for my puppy. My husband and I got her in January 2014 and she's been a blessing. Sure, she gets a little wacky sometimes and really does drive me crazy- but she's like my child. I love her to pieces and I wouldn't trade her for the world! She's a Chiweenie- and she means the world to me!

Here is Bella Rose after her bath- she loves the after bath snuggles! 

P.S. If anyone out there has any tips on how to get her to stop chewing everything and digging up the yard, that would be wonderful- comment below! :)

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