Sunday, November 9, 2014

Month of Thankfulness: Day #9

Today is November 9, 2014- and that means it is day #9 in the Month of Thankfulness challenge.

9) I have to say that today, I am thankful for coffee. That warm, sweet liquid that helps to wake me up in the mornings and warms me up when it's cold outside. When I was young, my grandma used to give me a little bit of her coffee- I joke that this is the reason I'm so short...I was always told that coffee would stunt my growth (lol). Back then, she only gave me a little bit of coffee in mostly milk. These days, I drink my coffee black with just a little bit of sugar- or even with nothing. I have my favorite coffee mugs- I prefer the big mugs, not the tea cup size.... I really enjoy the days when I can have a cup of coffee with my husband- but that typically only happens on the weekends. :)

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