Monday, June 1, 2015

8th Grade: Leading the Way with the “Real You” Devotional Review

As a member of the Family Christian group of bloggers, I received a copy of the 30-day devotional “8th Grade: Leading the Way with the ‘Real You’” for the purposes of review. Here is my review- all opinions are my own.

Looking back, when I was going into 8th grade, I was starting a new school. My parents had moved from one county to the next, so I felt like I was all alone. I wish this devotional had been around for me when I was that age. I was raised in church and I knew that God was there for me, all I had to do was reach out- and reach out I did. I prayed constantly for God to lead me through that phase in my life.

Now, as a mom with 2 bonus sons going into 8th grade, I am pleased to be able to share this devotional with them. They will be visiting us this summer and I plan for us to do this as a family. My husband & I already do our own devotional reading together most nights- so I think this will be a fun way for us to grow as a family.
I want them to know that they do matter to the family- and to others. I want them to realize that though they can’t see it, the choices they make now do matter and can affect them in the future.

After looking through this devotional, I believe that it can open up the floor to deeper, more meaningful conversations. Of course, they ARE boys, so I know the conversation will be a challenge. I will be sharing some of our experiences with this devotional this summer (with their permission, of course).

Overall, I am very impressed with this devotional, with sections on helping kids learn to follow Jesus more faithfully, learn to lead themselves, and learn to lead others. It’s a 30-day devotional, so there are 10 days in each section. I truly do believe that this devotional would have been beneficial during my 8th grade year and will be beneficial for those who are going into 8th grade now. 

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