Friday, February 6, 2015

The Chase E-book Review

As part of the Tomoson blogger community, I received a copy of the e-book, The Chase in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own. 

As I blogger, from time to time, I am able to review books. This is one of them. Honestly, this is probably not one of those that I would read again, but it was definitely worth reading once. I love the descriptive language that pulled me in and made me see what was going on. I love that I don't have to know anything about Russian submarines or the Greek Islands in order to read the book.

Book Description:
For the lone skipper of the Galatea sailing yacht in the Aegean Sea off the coast of Turkey, a peaceful vacation turns into a race for his life.

"A dull thud vibrated low as the Russian submarine Slavianka lost its electronic spying antenna atop the tower."

"The Galatea had come to a sudden stop. Avri was hurled forward like a harpoon from a cannon. His head hit the bulkhead with a horrible ****, absorbing all his one hundred and sixty pounds of momentum. He heard the loud crunching noise of the bow crashing into something solid, or perhaps it was the sound of his skull smashing against the bulkhead."

“Comrades! We face a serious situation. I trust every one of you to do his very best so we can solve this problem in a manner befitting a unit of the great Soviet Navy."

"The young Greek let out a short yelp of surprise as he saw the tower of the submarine in the middle of the cove. The fisherman turned his head toward the Slavianka, but, before he realized what it was, he saw the muzzle flashes. The sound of the shots reached his ears as he watched the bullets rip his son’s body to pieces. There wasn’t much left of the young body by the time it hit the water. “You don’t shoot people for fishing,” he shouted speechlessly as a barrage of bullets tore through him."

"Avri Keren rose slowly from the cold cockpit floor. He felt as if there was a blanket over his head, when in fact just pitch-black skies and stars were twinkling coldly down at him. He felt something wet and heavy covering him, but it was only the chilly night air. His limbs moved sluggishly, each seeming to weigh a ton. Lurching slowly, like a monster from the golden era of cinema, he shuffled towards Galatea's dark cabin where he heaved himself to the dining couch. The pounding in his head was heavy, resonating throughout his body."

In this sailing paradise of the Mediterranean, neither the skipper nor the captain will give up in this race for life or death.

If you wish to purchase this book, please click the link below, my family and I greatly appreciate the support!

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