Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February 3, 2015 Verse of the Day

Our society is one that is very corrupt, very "live for yourself, nothing else matters." I'm seeing this more and more. This idea of "tolerance" is being crammed down our throats, but if we believe in God and live for Him, we're NOT "tolerated."

However, we are children of God and the reason the world does not want to acknowledge us is because they don't know Him. If the acknowledge us, they would have to acknowledge that there is a God and that He stands against their sins. 

Now, just because we are children of God, doesn't mean that we don't sin. We all still sin because we're all still human- we are all still a mess- BUT we're His mess and He's always working on us. Someday, we'll be perfect and whole in His presence for all of eternity. 

With Love, 


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