Wednesday, February 4, 2015

New Books from Hocmaa Publishing- Check them out!

As a member of the Tomoson Blogger Community, I received a PDF copy of these books. All opinions are 100% my own.

Girl of the Book

Book Description:

Twelve year old Courtney Parker is devastated to have to leave her friends and South Africa behind when her father accepts a lucrative contract and the family relocate to Saudi Arabia.

Jeddah feels like a different planet to Johannesburg. In spite of her initial reluctance to venture out of the comfort and security of their new home, she quickly forms friendships with Nizar Bukhari and Lana Alahmadi. However, not everyone is happy with the situation.

Courtney must learn to adapt to an alien, seemingly unforgiving culture and stand up to the bullies that are making her school life ****.

Nizar and Lana must both try to overcome their family prejudices in order for their friendship with Courtney to survive. Will they succeed? Will they be able to set aside their differences? Can they bridge the cultural divide?

"Girl of the Book" is a
compelling, contemporary story that will get older children thinking. More than that, it is a story of friendship and forgiveness that will tug at your heart.

We live in a world of intolerance and hate. It's nice to see a book where, despite their differences, forgiveness and a friendship have the chance to bloom. I would definitely recommend this book for adults and older children alike. Download it today and read it when you can!

See Bride Run!

Book Description:

Can a Small Town Lawyer Get Lucky? 

Atlanta’s billionaire heiress Annie Hartford has no desire to marry a man she does not love; but her controlling father has been calling the shots for his 29 year-old daughter her entire life. This time he has pushed Annie too far. 

With minutes to spare before she is to walk down the aisle in front of 600 guests, Annie is forced to make a decision. She hijacks the family limo, only to have it break down in small town Pinckney, Georgia. Annie, who has never wanted for anything, suddenly finds herself homeless, penniless, with only the clothes on her back, a designer wedding gown and diamond tiara. 
Small town lawyer and restaurant owner Sam Ballard has been unlucky in love, and the last thing he needs is a red-hot blonde in a short waitress uniform who seems ****-bent on breaking every dish in his Dixieland CafĂ©. Still, he can’t very well fire her, she has won the hearts of everyone in town. 

Can rich girl Annie find happiness living in a garage apartment, wearing second-hand clothes, and making her way around town on a borrowed bicycle? As for Sam, can he put his past behind him and trust that Annie won’t run home to daddy when her new life presents one obstacle after another? 

This is a story of unlikely love. When faced with the prospect of marrying a man she doesn't want to, she splits and finds herself in a small town. There, she finds true love and happiness. I couldn't put it down! You'll love it too! Click on the link above to download it today!

Sy Goldman & The Case of the Beantown Butcher

Sy Goldman lived an uneventful life selling suits in Brooklyn for fifty years, then he retired and the excitement began! Let Sy tell you the story of how his golden years in the California beach city of Santa Monica went from laid back to action packed. As he and his friend Alexey try to solve the "suicide" of their roommate Murray, and have an adventure along the way.

When Sy Goldman retired from his life of selling suits, he just thought that he was going to relax. Things get wild when his roomate, Murray dies, supposedly from suicide. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat!! Download it today!! 

The Available Tart

The Tinseltown Tarts are a middle-aged, four member, once wildly popular all-female rock 'n' roll band from California. Facing a midlife crisis, Pete follows them on their Midwestern tour. He's keeping his distance, but he's on one of the member's radar...and she's actually available. The book's a fast-paced, humorous, sometimes serious male-perspective "romance" novel with a trashy title and many layers. 

Musicians seem to love this book, probably because it accurately depicts their world and delineates the earthquake-like changes which have forever altered it. The Available Tart describes the beauty of the Midwest, lovemaking during a thunderstorm, includes a visit to the Minnesota State Fair and a trout stream valley, briefly touches on the sights of Minneapolis/St. Paul, and even features a goat. The subject matter includes  (tasteful) adult situations (after all, Pete is chasing a rock 'n' roll goddess). 

This book is okay- I didn't care for the male perspective of the romance, but some people may enjoy it. 

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