Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 21, 2015 Verse of the Day

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In today's verse, the disciples are out in their boat and suddenly a storm comes up. A storm is a fisherman's worst nightmare. However, there stood Jesus, in the middle of the storm- ready to calm things if they were willing to let Him. 

This is a lesson to us- no matter how big and bad our storms are, God is bigger. Jesus can calm the storm. This reminds me of the episode of VeggieTales, where Junior Asparagus was scared. "God is bigger than the boogie man and He's watching over you and me!" 

If you're struggling with a storm today, ask God to come in and calm it for you. Ask Him to take over and be in control. He wants to save us from our storms, we must learn to let Him. 

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