Monday, January 26, 2015

My Monster on Top of The Bed Review

As a blogger in the Tomoson community, I received a copy of My Monster on Top of The Bed Creativity Stimulator and an audio CD of the story. All opinions are 100% my own. 

When I showed Nathan the book, he was pretty excited- he LOVES to read! He likes to look through books and make up his own words to go with the pictures- so this Creativity Stimulator is perfect for him! 

Though we did not really get the opportunity to write out the story this time (he's only here once a month for a week at a time, so things get pretty crazy)- we did look through the book several times and made up stories each time. Next time he's here, we plan to write out the story so that he can keep it forever! 

We also listened to the audio book as we looked at the pictures in the Creativity Stimulator. He was pretty excited about that too!

If you have a child that LOVES having stories read to them- or loves making up their own stories- then the Monster on Top of My Bed family of books is perfect! You can spend hours reading and re-reading this book to them. 

This is the story of a little girl who discovers there's a monster under her bed. However, he's not really a scary monster, but he's just as scared of this little girl as she is of him. His name is Karrit & he has overheard that she eats CARROTS! 

What follows is a story of friendship- that it truly is what's on the INSIDE that counts, not what is on the OUTSIDE. I think this is something that even adults don't get sometimes. As kids, we typically love everyone and we don't see color- and we don't see male/female- we just see another person, in need of a friend. 

If more of us went back to this thought process, then our world would be so much better off. I watch this little guy- yes, he has Down Syndrome- and he seriously has to talk to everyone- and he will keep saying "Hi" until they say "Hi" back. If he can't get their attention for some reason, he gets so disappointed. So, when someone smiles at you- smile back...or better yet, YOU be the first one to smile! 

This story tells us that everyone needs a friend- and you can always be friends, no matter what the other person (or monster) looks like! 

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