Monday, December 15, 2014

Say Bye-Bye to Dry Winter Skin with Foxbrim Vitamin C Lotion!

I received a bottle of Foxbrim Vitamin C Lotion in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own. 

I have extremely dry skin- especially during the winter months! I know that it's most likely due to the fact that I don't drink enough water- and I know I don't get enough vitamins. Plus, it seems that most "moisturizers" actually dry out my skin, which means I have to use them more and more- UGH!

So, when I was offered the chance to try Foxbrim's Vitamin C Lotion, I was a bit skeptical, as I always am when trying something new. This lotion also contains Aloe Vera, MSM, & Jojoba oil. Sounds pretty good.

The truth is, you really should be able to expect results from your daily moisturizer and the best way to do that is to treat it with protective Vitamin C. This will protect your skin from damaging free radicals as well as lighten your sun spots and reduce wrinkles.

Ladies, this lotion is definitely wonderful! It feels silky smooth going on and it keeps my skin hydrated all day long. You can use this all over your body- not just your face. I use it as a hand lotion mostly- but I have also used it as a facial moisturizer as well.

I highly recommend that you use Foxbrim Vitamin C Lotion- you can find it on

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