Friday, January 23, 2015

January 23, 2015 Verse of the Day

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What is your motivation? Is there anything that can motivate you to do good to those who aren't very nice to you? What if I told you that love should be your motivation? 

Sure, if there's someone that is treating you wrong, it can be hard to not focus on getting even. However, Christ died for EVERYONE- not just for those that do good. One thing I have started doing (I was advised to do so by my Priest) is pray for those that I have a difficult time dealing with. 

Since I started praying for those that have hurt me or that I have a grudge against, I can honestly say that my heart has softened towards them. Now, some of these people are no longer in my life and just because I'm praying for them and I don't hate them does not mean that I'll let them back in my life- it just means that I've forgiven them. 

Let your love for Christ be your motivation for all that you do. Remember that Christ loves your enemies- even though you don't. 

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